5G Technology Upcoming Future of Telecommunications in Pakistan.

5G Technology upcoming Future of Pakistan Telecommunications
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In telecommunications, 5G Technology the fifth era innovation represents for cellular networks. 5G is a prodyct characterized network. It implies that while it would not supplant links totally. It could trade the requirement for them by to a great extent working on the cloud. This means it will have 100× better capacity then 4G which will dramatically improve internet speeds.


For example to download a two hour film on 3G would take about 26 hours on 4G you would be able waiting 6 minutes and 5G you will be ready to watch your film just over three and half seconds. But its not only internet capacity that will be upgraded. Response times will also be much faster.

Response to on Command

The 4G network response to on command in just 50 milliseconds,with 5G take around one millisecond , 400 times faster than a blink eyes.

More Streamlined Experience

Smartphone clients will appreciate a more streamlined experience, however for a world that is progressively reliant on the web just to work a decrease in time delay is basic.

Self Driving Vehicles

Self driving vehicles for instance require a consistant stream of information. They can run better and quicker. Information will be delivered quicker to cars.

Use in Different Field’s Devices

5G technology could become the connective tissue for the internet of the things and industry.  That’s set to grow three overlay by 2025, connecting and controlling robots, yet addationally medical gadgets, industrial equipment and agribusiness hardware.

Network  Slicing

5G technology also provide  a much more personalized web experience using technique called network  slicing. This is the process of making separate remote organisations on the cloud,Permitting clients to make there own bespoke organization. For Instance an online gamer needs faster response times and great data capacity than user that just wants to use their social media. Being able to personalize the internet will also benefit business.

At the large occasion like mobile world Congress  for instance there is mass influx of people in singal specific region utilizing information substantial applications however with 5G organizer could pay for expended slice of the network boosting its internet limit and in this way improving its vistors online Experience.

There are some Disadvantages of 5G Technology.

  • The 5G technology is still under research and progresses apart form the only carrier Verizon.
  • Old devices may not be compatible with the 5G cellular network.
  • Creating and application of 5G frame work can cost more than 100s of Billion of dollars bringing about an excessive cost for 5g connections.
  • Security issues have to be re-checked until it gets perfect.
  • 5G will require capable and expensive engineers to embed a 5G network and keep up it properly.
  • 5G technology may be directly effect on the human health. Due to its high radiation.

When we can start using 5G Technology?

Well not yet as per a few investigators not untill 2020. It may not occur without any forethought however 5G technology is coming. 5g technology has developed years ago. There were talks about 5G technology. 5G will be estimated to launch by the end of 2025.

But when 5G technology does established itself and fulfills  its supposed  potential it could even change how we get internet at home and at work with the wireless network replacing the current system of phone lines and cables.

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