Corona Virus Vaccine Update

Corona Virus Vaccine Update
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Covid 19′ is the major pandemic of the 20th century. People in world are suffering from this virus. There is no Corona Virus Vaccine update yet. The world economic status is totally run down due to this pandemic. This pandemic creates a hurry state in the pharmacy industry.Many countries are trying to cure this virus.

Regarding Corona Virus Vaccine China,Russia ,America, israel and many other countries now running in the race of making vaccine. They know that this vaccine will give them a big amount of economic stability and econmic rise in their shares.

The main phases in vaccine testing are

  • Exploratory stage.
  • Pre-clinical stage.
  • Clinical development.
  • Regulatory review and approval.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Quality control.

Most of the vaccines are now in 2nd last stage. China used some temporary vaccines to cure corona . Now RUSSIA is the most leading country in the progress of vaccine preparation

Russia is in the phase III of vaccine production.however UK said that they won’t use Russia’s vaccine.There are many other countries who are also in the race of vaccine production.

This is the latest update in the line of corona vaccine.The international reports are moving toward the postive side. but still we need more time to get WHO approved vaccine.This pandemic may go with us upto next year.

We pray to GOD to help us to fight against this pandemic. However all eyes are on the international laboratories,so they give some positive signs for vaccine productions.

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