Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofia Mosque History

Aya Sofia Mosque History.
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Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofia has gone through various transformations. According to Pakistan circles It was implicit what is presently in Istanbul in 537. Whats more stays one of the most significant landmarks of the world. Now it will once again host prayers while remaining open for visitors. 

First Look

But lets first look at how the majestic structure came into being. And how it functioned over time. Byzantine Emperor Constantius II commissioned that construction of the  first Aya Sophia in 360. It was built with a wooden roof . Soon It burned to the ground in riots.

Second Version

Theodosius II manufactured a second form as a fantastic marble structure in 415. Which was destroyed to the ground for the second time during the Nika Revolt in 532. Some fragments of that building still remain today.

Present Structure of Hagia Sophia Mosque

The structure that remaining parts today was implicit 537 during the rule of Emperor Justinian I. Whose want was to assemble the biggest church of his time. As indicated by oral tradition,after its fruition he shouted SOLOMON  I HAVE outperformed you, Referring to the First Temple work by ruler Solomon.

World Largest Church

Hagia Sophia then remained the world’s largest church for nearly a thousand years.

Turned into Mosque

The church was fortified. Church transformed into a mosque after the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II vanquished Istanbul in 1453.

The Sultan kept the name Hagia Sophia while he had the church repurposed as a mosque after covering mosaics along the walls with plasters. He also added Islamic features such as minarets and mihrab. A niche in the wall where the Muslim imam would lead prayer in the direction of Makkah. It remained the principle mosque in Istanbul. Right up untill 1616 . When Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque finally completed. 

Turned into Mosque to Museum.

In 1931 the founder of Byzantine Institute of America Thomas travelled to Istanbul. Also acquired the authorization of Mustafa kemal Ayaturk the first president of the Republic of Turkey to direct the expulsion of mortar covering the Byzantine mosaics in Hagia Sophia. Further more divert it from a mosque into a museum.

In 1972 ” Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofia” A History of Constantinople quotes Whittenmore as saying “Santa Sophia was a mosque the day that i talked to him. The next morning when i went to the mosque there was sign on the door written in Attaturk’s own hand it said the Museum is close for repairs. While some say these steps are what lead to the conversion. Some Turkish antiquarians guarantee Ataturk thought about transforminh Hagia Sophia into a museum as early as 1932 . He year the Turkish Republic was founded. However it was in 1935 that Ataturk requested the conversion along with the Turkish Assembly of Ministers. The majestic domed structure was named  one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and it has been Turkey’s most well known vacation spot from that point ownword ever. Seeing 3.8 millions visitors in 2019.

Return the Eclectic Structure Back into Mosque

Lately there have been calls to restore the varied structure once again into a mosque to respect the Islamic history of the nation and the tradition of Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II. A hearing on whether Hagia Sophia Turkey sought to remain where no prayer is Allowed was hung on 2nd july 2020 . The court has now decided that prayers will be able to resume once more at the Hagia Sophia paving the way for it to become a mosque once more. While guest will in any case have the option to visit the recorded site.

Turkish president Erdogan says the Ottomans converted the building into a mosque instead of razing its a fate. He says suffered by many mosques taken from Ottomans. That its historical, cultural  and sentimental values. These has been protected ever since. He addationally noticed that there are 435 churches and places of worship in Turkey. Where Christians and Jews can pray.

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