A Brief Historical Overview Of Lal Haveli

Historical Overview Of Lal Haveli
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Every one know about Lal Haveli in Pakistan but no one know about its historical overview of Lal Haveli. Today we will tell you about historical overview of Lal Haveli. A mysterious and timeless story of 100 years old love from Lal Haveli of Rawalpindi. This story of Raj Sehgal and Budhan Bai made Sehgal Haveli a spirits mansion. One hundred years have passed but their love story is still alive after death. Dhan Raj Sehgal, the Hindu prince of Jhelum, fell in love with Budhan Bai. Budhan Bai was seen by Dhan Raj Sehgal at a party. Raj Sehgal took Budhan Bai to heart so much that he wished to marry her. Thus Raj Sehgal built a magnificent mansion for Budhan Bai in Rawalpindi. Which was named Sehgal Haveli at that time.

When the subcontinent was divided in 1947 that is Pakistan and India. This love was also divided. Raj Sehgal had to go to India. While Budhan Bai remained in Pakistan. When Raj Sehgal left for India, Budhan Bai was left alone. The robbers robbed Budhan Bai’s house thinking she was rich. Budhan Bai’s brother was killed during the resistance. After this incident Budhan Bai leaving the mansion, they got lost in an unknown valley. After Budhan Bai, loneliness encamped on this magnificent mansion. And this mansion came to be called the mansion of spirits.

Over time, this mansion got a new identity when the political figure of Pakistan Sheikh Rashid bought it in 1985 Named Lal Haveli, which still exists and is the center of political turmoil.

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