How can Earn Money Online Through B4uGlobal (SR Group of Companies)

Earn momey through B4UGLOBAL
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Concept of B4uGlobal (SR Group of Companies) and How it works?

B4U Group (SR Group of Companies) is a multinational group of companies that gives financial multilevel investment opportunities for people. B4U Global is a component of the B4U GROUP (SR Group of Companies) of companies, founded in 2017 in Malaysia. Also register more then 25 countries of the world. How can Earn Money Online through B4uGlobal (SR Group of Companies)? In addition to cryptocurrency trading, the Group is additionally active in other business areas like transport, technology, land , cryptocurrency exchange, etc. From this we will notice, that the B4U Group has a pivotal business network that underpins the ventures of its clients.

B4U-TRADING is Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Company. Its Infrastructure Facilitates Investment within the Crypto currencies industry with Daily Profit Growth on Investment. B4U (SR Group of Companies) Investment and Cryptocurrency Trading Company is a web trading Company that exists to serve its clients. In Additionally B4U continues to figure on expanding and diversifying its business activities and investment areas, and always with the intention of minimizing the risks of its user’s investments.

Saif ur Rehman is CEO B4U Global Group (SR Group of Companies) of Companies in Pakistan. Master in Economics. And 25 years in trading. Also Import and export online business since 2015. Founder and CEO B4U trades since 2017.

Profit Percent Details

B4U Global (SR Group of Companies) allocates 60% of its investors’ deposits to cryptocurrency trading. Therefore the remaining 40% is invested in other business areas like transport, technology, land and other divisions that will be added to their portfolio.

In this manner clients get least 7% month to month returns on their deposits. In option, however you’ll get extra returns by prescribing individuals to take a situation in B4U (this is just a choice and not compulsory). Therefore You can see the possible commissions you’ll obtain outlined within the table of Investment Plans.

How to Register?

So You can do registration is free of cost. Follow the following instructions and press the Regiater button. After registration you can make your own referral links to invite others.

How to Deposit?

Pakistani national, must be deposit more than $710 in banks. For Less than 710$ you can deposit through your leaders or cashbox. If you want to deposit minimum of 50$ then you to contact to your leader. Similarly details are given in deposit option of the website.

How to withdrawal?

You can connect bank account to your b4uglobal account and withdraw money from your bank account. Minimum amount of withdrawal is 40$.

MAIN WEBSITE OF B4U GLOBAL (SR Group of Companies)

The main Website is given below where you can check all investments plans easily. Also all announcements and live chat available on this site. Where you can directly contact to support team.

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