Kuwait Has Restored Visas For Pakistan

Kuwait has restored visas for Pakistan after ten years
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Kuwait has restored visas for Pakistan after ten years. According to details, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Kuwait in which they discussed issues of mutual interest including bilateral relations. Sheikh Rashid discussed visa restoration with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister. He also presented a special letter from the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to the Kuwaiti Prime Minister.

During the meeting, the Kuwaiti Prime Minister announced the immediate restoration of family and business visas for Pakistan. In addition, it was decided to issue immediate visas to Pakistani workers as per the agreement. Although There will be no restrictions on medical, oil field and technical visas .For detail reading

The Kuwaiti Prime Minister said that the relations between Pakistan and Kuwait span seven decades. And the people of the two countries have a relationship of love and trust. On the occasion, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that all Pakistanis consider Kuwait as their second home. Families and business people were facing many problems due to the Kuwaiti visa ban. He added that Pakistani laborers have an important role to play in Kuwait’s development. Also they will play there role in the development of the country. This is a significant diplomatic achievement for the government .

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