New Type of Corona virus Found in UK

New Type of Corona virus Found in UK
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Another new type of corona virus found in UK with some potentially troubling mutations. B.1.525 appears almost like the South African variant which prompted door-to-door tests in areas. Where it’s been found.

Researchers from Edinburgh University

Researchers from Edinburgh University have found 38 cases thus far 2 in Wales and 36 in England in samples dating back to December. It has been seen in other countries. Including Denmark, Nigeria and therefore the US.
UK experts are studying it to know what risk it poses.

It is timely to mention if it should be added to the UK’s list of ” variants of concern ” and whether mass testing for it should happen. So for now it’s a “variant under investigation”.

Ravi Gupta, professor from the University of Cambridge

Ravi Gupta, professor from the University of Cambridge, is one among the scientists advising the govt on new and emerging virus threats. He said B.1.525 seemed to have “significant mutations” already seen in a number of the opposite new variants.
A professor from Public (PHE) said PHE is monitoring data about emerging variants very closely. And where necessary public health interventions are being undertaken. Like extra testing and enhanced contact tracing. This time no prove that this type of changes causes more serious disease or expanded contagiousness.
One of these changes B.1.525 has may be a mutation called E484K. Also found within the Brazil and South African variants. Which will help the virus evade a number of the body’s system defences.

Other alterations make it almost like the united kingdom ‘Kent’ variant that specialists say is more contagious than the first version of covid that started the pandemic.
Mr.Gupta and colleagues are running tests within the lab and say mutations like E484K do represent a threat to vaccines.
Scientists are already performing on new vaccines that are a far better match for brand spanking new variants. Just in case they’re needed before next winter.

Andrew Hayward, professor and expert in epidemiology at University College London, said Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be spreading any faster than other strains. And it’s still at very, very low levels.

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