Telegram Has Introduced a Replacement Feature of Group Video Calling

Telegram Has Introduced A Replacement Feature Of Group Video Calling
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In today’s world where technology is increasing every day. The same mobile applications are also introducing some additional services for their users. One of which is telegram video calling. Mobile chat application Telegram has introduced a replacement feature of group video calling. The new feature will now allow telegram users to communicate directly with up to 30 people at a time. As well as 970 other people as viewers in the video cal. The company said. Since launching the video calling feature in June. They have been trying to get as many people as possible into group video calls. So that users can watch videos at a resolution that will increase the number of future upgrade policies.

The company added that consumers now own So that users can watch videos at high resolution, the number of which will be increased in future upgrade policy. The company added that users can now use the choice to auto-delete their sent messages after a month or every week rather than each day.

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