Ufone Unlimited Daily WhatsApp Offer

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Ufone Unlimited Daily WhatsApp Package


The Unlimited WhatsApp Offer at Your Fingertips

In the fast paced digital landscape staying connected is paramount. And what better way to enhance your connectivity than with the Unlimited WhatsApp Offer? Priced at just Rs. 5 (load). This offer is designed to bring you closer to your loved ones and the world of social interaction.

Unlocking the Power of Social Networks
For a mere Rs. 5 recharge, you gain access to 500 MB of data exclusively dedicated to social networks. Whether you’re exchanging messages, sharing photos, or staying updated with the latest trends. This offer empowers you to dive into the virtual realm without worrying about data limits.

The Unlimited WhatsApp Offer comes with a validity of one day. Providing a burst of connectivity that perfectly aligns with your dynamic lifestyle. Whether it’s a quick catch up with friends a business update or sharing moments through WhatsApp. You have a full day of seamless connectivity at your disposal.

How to Avail the Ufone Daily Unlimited WhatsApp Offer?
Dialing *987# opens the gateway to uninterrupted connectivity. A simple code gives you access to the Unlimited WhatsApp Offer. Ensuring that you can navigate the digital landscape with ease.

Package PriceRs. 5 (Ioad)
Internet Data500MB(WhatsApp)
Validity01 Day
How to subscribe Ufone Daily Unlimited WhatsApp Offer?To Subscribe Ufone Daily Unlimited WhatsApp Offer dial *987#
Ufone Daily Unlimited WhatsApp Offer

Empowering Your Communication Experience:
This offer goes beyond data. It’s a gateway to meaningful conversations and shared experiences. Connect with friends and family participate in group chats, and share multimedia content without constraints. The Ufone Unlimited WhatsApp Offer is more than a data package. It’s a facilitator of vibrant real time communication.

In a world driven by connectivity the Unlimited WhatsApp Offer stands as a beacon. Offering a cost effective and accessible solution to enhance your social networks. With just a Rs. 5 load. You can unlock a day of unlimited possibilities staying connected with the people and content that matter most. Dial *987# and embark on a day of connectivity bliss with the Ufone Unlimited WhatsApp Offer. Because staying connected should be limitless.

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General Terms & Conditions for Data Buckets

Inclusive Taxes

  • All prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes, ensuring transparency and clarity in your subscription costs.
  • Maximum Speed for Bucket Subscribers: Subscribers availing of data buckets will experience the maximum available internet speed. The actual internet speed may vary based on factors such as location, time, device, accessed web pages, and the number of subscribers sharing the network.
  • Charging for WhatsApp Calls: All WhatsApp calls made within the data bucket will be charged from the allocated data resources, offering a comprehensive view of your consumption.
  • Validity for Prepaid Customers Only: All data buckets are exclusively valid for prepaid customers, ensuring accessibility and convenience for this user segment.
  • Checking Remaining Resources: Dial *706# to effortlessly check the remaining resources within your data bucket, providing you with real-time updates on your usage.
  • Volume Reservation for Enhanced Customer Experience: Each session reserves a portion of the data volume to enhance customer experience, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted internet browsing experience.
  • Post-Expiration Charging: Upon the expiration of the data bucket, subsequent internet sessions will be charged separately at the default mobile package rate. This allows flexibility and continued connectivity beyond the bucket’s validity.
  • Default Tariff After Offer Volume Exhaustion: After consuming the allocated offer volume, the internet will remain active and will be charged at the default tariff of Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB. The charging pulse is set at 512 Kbs. Additionally, for every usage of 25 MBs, you will receive a bonus of 150 MBs free, valid till midnight, creating an added value for continued usage.

Please refer to Ufone’s Tax Policy for detailed information on tax rates and charges associated with the default tariff. These terms and conditions aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your data bucket subscription and usage.

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