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In the beginning you will get exploited. People who post in Buyer Requests are usually looking for steep discounts, and in some cases want an expert for specific needs, and will not give a second glance to a profile with No Levels. Fiverr Getting started will help you to start.

Fiverr Getting Started

Only pick up what you are sure you can handle.

Since you are getting paid little for more work, negotiate on a longer deadline. Time is also a currency, use it to your advantage. You may catch a lucky break, but being lucky is not what freelancing is about. It’s about preparation so that when an opportunity knocks, you open the door and let it in for tea and snacks.

Keep samples of what you make. If you have no prior experience, even then make up some samples! The prospective client is a window shopper most of the time, they trust on you to be the expert, which you have to be to an extent (you first have to deserve to earn money. Always mean business with your clients.) Convince them through a readiness to provide good samples.

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