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Plant an olive grove. Make a full profit for thousand years in Pakistan.Specialists says that when you plant an olive in Pakistan, it’ll convince be fruitful for at any rate 1,000 years . Some instructions are given for Make a full profit for thousand years in Pakistan.

In which districts can olives be planted?

Olive plantations are often effectively planted altogether pieces of Pakistan, including Punjab during which Chakwal district is extremely important. Even in Cholistan olive are often cultivated. Now, the Punjab government’s specialise in olive cultivation is on the Potohar area.

What kind of soil can be used to grow olives?

The fruit tree are often successfully planted altogether sorts of soils. As sandy, uncultivated, loamy, rocky, desert soils. Only bean-infested land or land where standing water isn’t suitable for olives .

How much water does an olive tree need?

Olive plants should be watered at intervals of about ten days within the beginning. because the plant gets bigger. The water requirement also decrease. Following two years, the olive plant ought to be watered at time periods to 25 days.

When can olive trees be planted?

Olive trees can be planted in spring that February, March, April or monsoon season i.e. August, September, October.

What is the method of planting olives?

Planting an olive grove, The distance between the plants should be 10 × 10 feet. About 400 plants can planted in one acre. Keep in the mind that olive trees should be about 8 to 10 feet from the outside of the garden. Burrow a pit two feet down and two feet wide for planting. Fill the pits with rich soil and bhal. Presently your property is prepared for planting olives.

Carefully remove the plant from the plastic wrap. That the roots don’t break and finish up . Burrowed the dirt of the pit and planted a tree.Press the dirt around the plant with the assistance of feet.So that the plant becomes stable. The trunk of alittle plant is slightly fragile so it’s better to support the plant with a plastic pipe. Do not use wood for support. Because the wood can infested with termites. Later can attack the plant.

What types of olives can be grown where?

The following types can be cultivated for Pothohar and its adjoining districts.

  • Lesino
  • Gamelick
  • Pendulino
  • Nabali
  • Arbo Sana
  • Coronic
  • Arbequina

The following types should be cultivated for other hot areas including hot areas of Punjab and Sindh.

  • The Aruba Sana
  • Coronaci
  • Arbitrage

When planting olive grove Remember plant at least two or more varieties

When fertilizer should be applied to the olive grove and which ones?

Fertilize the second year plants.

For second year plants:

Dung manure Insert 5 kg per plant. Add 5 kg each year for years to come. Nitrogen fertilizer Insert 200 grams per plant. Add 100 grams each year for years to come. Phosphorus fertilizer. Insert 100 grams per plant. Add 50 grams each year for years to come. Potash fertilizer Insert 50 grams per plant. Add 50 grams every year for years to come.

After how many years does the olive tree bear fruit?

The olive plant usually begins to bear fruit in 3 years. The fruit on the olive plant first turns green and then purple. Green fruit is use to extract pickles and purple oil.

What is the yield per acre of olive grove?

The yield from an olive plant depends on how well you care for the plant. With great considerations, 60 kg or a greater amount of olive organic product can be effortlessly acquired from one plant.

But in moderation. 40 kg of fruit can obtain per plant. With almost no consideration, plant yields can drop to 25 to 30 kg for every plant. Therefore, experts estimate the yield per plant per kilogram to calculate the yield per acre of olive groves.Thus 40000 (average) plants per acre can yield 10,000 kg of olives.

How much oil does an acre of fruit produce?

It is better for olive growers to extract the oil instead of selling the fruit and then sell the oil in the market. Olive fruit produces 20 to 30% oil. One acre of olive fruit (10000 kg) yields about 2000 kg of oil at the rate of 20%.

What is the income per acre?

So at the supermarkets you can get olive oil from Rs 800 to Rs 1100 per kg depending on the quality. But it is clear that all this oil is import from abroad. The quality of which experts have serious concerns. According to Experts the imported oil of various brands is selling the Pakistani market is not pure olive oil. But it contains a mixture of many other oils.

According to Green Agro, the oil extracted from the plant. The research institute in Chakwal is selling at a minimum of Rs 2,000 per kg. It should be noted that Chakwal Agricultural Research Institute is providing free oil extraction facility to farmers.In the event that the rate is truly Rs 2,000 for every kg, at that point you can compute the salary yourself.

This is the opinion how to Make a full profit for thousand years in Pakistan.

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