Starting Containers Train Between Islamabad Tehran and Istanbul

Starting Containers train between Islamabad Tehran and Istanbul
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Pakistan Railways authorities have chosen to Starting Containers train between Islamabad Tehran and Istanbul from 4th March 2021. The train will operated under the ITI agreement between the three countries to reduce the deficit of Pakistan Railways by Rs 43 billion

Statement of Railway’s Officials

Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Railways Nisar Memon said that the Starting Containers train between Islamabad Tehran and Istanbulwould bring significant revenue to the railways. And would further boost the confidence of the business community in the railways. Pakistan Railways officials have taken positive steps to improve the company’s financial condition and minimize its deficit.

Route Details Of ITI Train

The containers train will start from the Turkish city of Istanbul and will cover a distance of 6543 kilometers. The train reach the Iranian border city of Tehran in 12 days. Where from Iranian freight bogies these containers will transferred to Pakistani freight bogies. After which the customs staff will do customs clearance of these containers.

Later this “ITC” container train will sent to different cities. Containers booked for all cities. Similarly, these containers will sent to Tehran, Iran for export from other cities of Pakistan from Railway Quetta Division Yazdan.

When did this service start?

The train last ran in 2009. Due to the domestic situation, this train closed in 2009. Since the start of the train as of recently all out 14 business train runs were acknowledged 8 of which from Turkey and 6 of which from Pakistan. Because of flood hit Pakistan, 475 holders, 5302 tons of housing houses, tents, food stuff, water, diapers,hygiene sets and wet towels conveyed to Pakistan by 15 trains coordinated for the vehicle of philanthropic alleviation. Terminals have set up at the Iranian border for customs clearance of containers. Staff also deployed.

Purpose Of ITI Containers Train

While the purpose of starting this train was also to reach the European markets with the ease and convenience of Pakistani products through this containers train. Goods from European markets can be brought and transported through Pakistan train containers. This project will generate revenue for the railways. And as well as the financial situation improves, so will Railways reputation.

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