Artificial Intelligence How it Works and Use? Whats its Future?

Artificial Intelligence
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What is artificial intelligence?

The human brain is composed of dense networks of neurons transmitting and receiving signals across the body. The critical functioning of a brain, by observing and learning from its surroundings, is called intelligence. While developing its simulation into machines began to know as Artificial Intelligence or simply AI. Such intellectual processes are integrated into machines by using different Machine Learning algorithms and mathematical functions. 

How does Artificial intelligence work?

Artificial Intelligence is a formation of complex methods and mediums which intent to achieve an optimum output of a series of inputs. The very basic of AI is ‘learning’. Term ‘learning’ is expansive over logic, reasoning, creativity, and perception. The simplest of all is to learn from the errors. A computer saves similar solutions to similar errors it encounters for later. This simple mechanism leads to complex Neural Networks that attempt to perceive solutions to the problems of large datasets. Such algorithms tend to provide contextual solutions for varying inputs to generate the best possible results. 

How AI is used today?

Well, Artificial has become a deep-rooted technology in computer science that, at its core, aims to ‘think’ humanly and rationally. Over the past 20 years, it has brought a sea-change in the tech world. Automation in various domains, medical research, transportation, education, and whatnot. Experts across the globe are working to conduct AI for good in every spectrum. 

AI is being divided into two broad categories: Weak AI and Strong AI, and be it in the from any of the two categories, it is slowly seeping into our lives. 

Weak AI is also called “Narrow AI” and is what we normally take as a simulation of human intelligence. Though these machines work pretty impressively, they still operate in a limited/narrow context. It only responds or understands what is pre-programmed but cannot derive meaning from the input. Whereas Strong AI, generally known as “Artificial General Intelligence”, have general intelligence level much like the human brain and are decisive. 

Future of AI

AI is the main constituent of emerging technologies like robotics and IoT. Each day brings innovations that do not disappoint to be a center-stage of the tech world. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are and in a constant race to level up there AI game. Although there are many noticeable contributions of AI which provide ease and fascinating experience, there still isn’t a universally accepted theory that could erase the traces of doubt that AI can be a potential threat to human existence. AI surely has its root set up in almost every field of life but its ability to match humans’ flexibility, if implemented responsibly, still has a long way to go.

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