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So you’ve found something you think you can do, or think you can learn in time to deliver the product and do it, but how do you approach the client?

Respect is all that matters. Now Respect isn’t being some stiff “Sir/Ma’am” thing with the client. Be comfortable when you type. Avoid confusing slang, but do use lighthearted terms, don’t hesitate to ask how someone is doing when they message you.

This ties in directly to a Buyer Request. Always read the Buyer Request twice. Before telling anyone what can be done for them (always mention them first) by you, greet them. If you don’t have the app, download it immediately. Buyers who post requests don’t have their usernames displayed on the website, but you can see them on the fiverr app. Try to deduce what their name might be from the name, e.g. “ahmed93” is ahmed, and if it is something like “dlx47”, just use dlx47 when you greet them.

So every buyer request should start with “Hello (clientName)” or “Hi (clientName)”. If the name is obviously indian or arabic, toss in a “Salam (clientName)” or “Namaste (clientName)” if you have the confidence, followed by “I hope you are well” etc.

Don’t worry about this being some sort of secret to get the clients to respond to you and share it with every freelancer you know, this is common courtesy that should be practiced by everyone. The end result will be ultimately things like “Pakistani/Indian freelancers at least greet you properly.”

After the greeting, tell the client what you think their needs are, ask them. For example someone says they want a website design done for a pet shop, or they are looking for a logo for a business. Take an interest in their request. Sure, it sounds easy to just copy paste stuff for every buyer, but it is better to modify and personalize templates for each client.

“But what if I’m a No Level seller?” Honesty is worth its weight in gold. Be upfront. Tell the buyer you are a new seller with skills. Offer unlimited revisions until satisfactory for a period of time by specifying an end date, for example “You can have unlimited revisions until the 30th of August, which is why I have listed 30 days as the time, but I will deliver by 10th 🙂”

If you have experience outside of Fiverr, don’t write “outside of Fiverr”, their system picks it up and blocks your messages, sending it for a review because to ask a client to work with your outside of Fiverr violates their Terms & Conditions. Always wait and see if the message box has a red outline or not; if red then you have written something potentially violating their T&C.

Lastly, when you end, sign off properly. This is still a business proposal. If you are a No Level new seller asking for a chance, be sure to mention that you will not mind and understand if they pick some experienced seller over you. That will avoid you sounding desperate. And no matter what your level is, thank the client for their time in reading your request, wish them luck in their endeavors, and sign off with your name or username.

This is again basic courtesy, things we all wish people would say to us, so why not say it to others as well? 🙂 Good luck out there!

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