WhatsApp New Privacy Policy 2021 User’s Feel Insecure

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy 2021
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WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. According to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy 2021 WhatsApp is forcing users to accept those terms. This has spread fear among users using whatsapp to remain in contact with friends and family.. WhatsApp has since quite a while ago valued its obligation to security and protection, with encoded discussions and other significant advancements incorporated into the application and other important technologies integrated into the app.

According to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy 2021, WhatsApp will not only use user data for business purposes. But will also share it with Facebook. Users have until February 8 to accept the new policy so they can continue using the service. WhatsApp’s latest privacy policy expresses that when users rely on third party services or other Facebook company products linked to them. The third party may receive information that you or others may share with them.

WhatsApp says it is also retrieving mobile information under the new policy. Including battery level, App version, Mobile number, Mobile operator and other information including IP address.

The new policy states that if a user deletes WhatsApp from mobile only without deleting their WhatsApp account. Their information will bprotected. The new privacy policy clearly states that management is using Facebook’s global infrastructure. And its data centers to store user data. These include data centers in the United States.

Remember that WhatsApp, in its old privacy policy, made protecting users’ privacy part of its DNA. This item will no longer be included in the new policy. But will retain the WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted. Under this, users’ messages not viewed and Not shared with anyone else. Worlds well known personalities advices to use Signal App instead of WhatsApp.

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