Statement From The Will Cathcart Of WhatsApp

Statement From The Will Cathcart Of WhatsApp
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WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, including Pakistan. Announced a new privacy policy a few days ago, after which the App has been criticized by users. However, after severe criticism Statement From the Will Cathcart of WhatsApp explained the new policy. According to him users would not be affected by the new policy. And their data would not be shared with anyone else.

In a detailed statement on the social networking site Twitter. Will Cathcart said Because of end-to-end encryption, neither we nor Facebook can see your private messages or calls. But they are determine to defend it. He also said Not everyone knows how common WhatsApp messages are for businesses in many countries.

In fact, more than 170 million people text a single business account every day, and many more Want to do. In Statement From The Will Cathcart Of WhatsApp We compete with other apps in privacy, which is great for the world. People have a choice about how they want to communicate. And they have confidence that their No one else can see, some people, including some governments, do not agree.

Members received Notifications of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy all over the world so far. That had to be agreed in any case. It said Facebook would be able to connect WhatsApp to its other services. The organization’s position over client information will increment. And organizations will have the option to store and oversee WhatsApp visits utilizing Facebook’s administrations.

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