Pakistan Will Host The World Environment Day Summit 2021

PM Imran to head global climate conference
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Due to the successful policies of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he has a special significance all over the world. Proof of this is that Pakistan will host the World Environment Day Summit. The United Nation also informed about the summit. Malik Amin, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister has confirmed that Pakistan will host the World Environment Day Summit 2021. Last time China was picked as the host of the Global summit on world environment day.

Only Four people invited for the summit. Including the name of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. As well as the UN Secretary General Altonio Gutters and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope.

Pakistan will host World Environment Day on June 5, 2021. And a mega ceremony to mark World Environment Day 2021 would also be held on June 05 in Islamabad. Where key announcements would be made to pursue an effective climate change policy in the country.

While The Prime Minister will address the World Environment Conference on the night of June 4, 2021. In his address, the Prime Minister will brief the world on Pakistan’s efforts to improve the global environment. Due to this conference, Pakistan will inform the world about its Billion Tree Tsunami, Clean Green Pakistan, Electric Vehicle Policy, National Park and Green Job initiatives.

It is honor for Pakistan to host the World Environment Day Summit 2021 first time in the history. Which is an honor for Pakistan.

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