British Virgin Islands High Court Ruled In Pakistan’s Favor

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British Virgin Islands High Court Ruled In Pakistan’s Favor. This great achievement was due to the tireless work of the IA Legal Team, the Federal Minister of Law, the Attorney General of Pakistan and the sincere institutions.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik

On the issue of progress on Rekodek case, PIA CEO Arshad Malik has said that justice has triumphed with the grace of Allah and prayers of patriotic Pakistanis. Also Air Marshal Arshad Malik said that valuable assets of PIA have been secured, this is a great victory of Pakistanis, inshallah under the same spirit and joint efforts continue to work under this selfless leadership to make this country prosperous and successful.

Earlier, the British Virgin Islands High Court ruled in Pakistan’s favor. Pakistan has won a major victory in international litigation and the British Virgin Islands High Court has ruled in Pakistan’s favor.

All decisions against were reversed, Rose Welt Hotel and Scribe Hotel Paris were returned to Pakistan. While The Attorney General said that the TCC will also pay the costs of litigation. The TCC has been allowed to appeal against this order but we will strongly oppose the appeal. According to sources in the Attorney General’s Office, the expenses to Pakistan. Up to 50 million $ can be paid.

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