Amazon Selects Pakistan Post As Delivery Agent In Pakistan

Amazon Selects Pakistan Post As Delivery Agent In Pakistan
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Following the inclusion of Pakistan in the cell list by Amazon. The federal government has intensified preparations for the improvement of e-commerce. Because Amazon Selects Pakistan Post As Delivery Agent In Pakistan. Now Pakistan Post got the green signal of delivery partners to do business on Amazon. Pakistan Post has been instructed to prepare in this regard. A letter has been issued by the government. According to this letter, orders have been issued to set up centers in 9 cities of the country including Lahore by June 15, 2021.

While this instruction has also been issued, a contract should be signed with Mail Motors for 3 months. Those who have modern and latest vehicles so that the goods can be delivered on time. Agreement guidelines have also been issued with freight companies located abroad where Amazon has warehouses. In addition, guidelines have been issued as a guideline for traders. Who want to register as sellers, including the Chamber of Commerce.

It has also been directed to select sites for construction of warehouses in Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Islamabad and Karachi. Including airline contracts for delivery of parcels. To provide guidance to the Postmasters General on all matters. Instructions have been issued for setting up of centers for the purpose so that traders and those interested in e-commerce can get guidance.

Meanwhile, it has been decided to issue advertisements to the print media for the selection of the shipping company. Additional Director General of Operations  All work will be done under supervision so that all issues can be resolved by June 15, 2021. So that Pakistan can play the role of delivery agent with Amazon in the light of the directive of the federal government.

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