Mystery of Strange Monoliths Appearing around world

Mystery Of Strange Monoliths Appearing
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Strange monoliths (Metal Pillars) appeared on different parts of the earth some time ago and then disappeared after a while. Scientists and experts have yet to unravel the mystery of the appearance of these monoliths. That’s are shrouded in mystery of their self-disappearance. These monolithic metal pillars have appeared many times in different countries.

The first time it appeared in the desert of Utah Atta, then in the European country Romania. Surprisingly, all of these monologues disappeared after a while, leaving an endless stream of research behind.

The monolith that appeared in California was the third. It appeared at a time when the answers to the earlier Utah Desert and the Romanian metal monolith could not be found. Appearing on a hill-top in California. The monolith was covere local newspapers. It was shaking a little, that is it was possible to shake it. It was not install in the ground. According to The Guardian, the three-sided oblisk, made of stainless steel. Appeared to be ten feet long and eighteen inches wide and weighed two hundred pounds. The object was attach to each other by side. Its side panels were attach with two pointed nails. That shaped like steel frames inside it.

Three Monoliths in a Month.

A gleaming pillar that stretched for twelve feet in the red rocks of the southern Utah Atta Desert. It was first seen when a local wildlife official counted from the Bighorn (an American-type large crowd) on November 18th. The monolith disappeared automatically two weeks later?
Later in November suddenly another metal monolith appeared near the dacian castle in Romania. The surface of the metal pillar appeared in Romania was mirrored (with a reflection). But had carvings on it. Like Utah, this metal pillar also disappeared. And now a similar third metal pillar has appeared in California.

The sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of these metal pillars has started a kind of guessing game. And different ideas, estimates and theories put forward about these metal pillars. It compared to the 1968 sci-fi movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. Movie depicts alien aliens in a metal pillar. There is also speculation that the metal pillars discovered during the riots of the Code 19 epidemic. The speculation is rife that these monoliths may have played a role. Many people think that some terrestrial creature has erected this metal pillar here.

Is Strange Monoliths (Metal Pillars) the part of Prank?

On the other hand, it called a story. According to Rose Bernard, an American photographer. On Friday, Bernard went to take photos of the metal pillar with three of his friends. When he saw four people there. They pushed the metal pillar to one side and took it with them. According to Bernards, this is a prank and nothing more.

People views about Strange Monoliths (Metal Pillars).

Many people have different views on the mystery of the metal pillar monolith. Many other creatures in this universe that exist or could exist not. Only on Earth but also on the underground and other planets and stars and scientists over the last several decades. They are also trying to communicate with the creatures on other planets. Messages sent to them and messages also received from them. But it was not possible to understand and read the messages sent by them. And it is possible that they have read human messages.

Stephen Hawking, a well-known scientist. While acknowledging the existence of creatures other than us in the universe, warned man that trying to communicate with them could be dangerous to man.

Be more intelligent and powerful in technology. However, repeated attempts by humans to obtain information about space creatures. The Code 19 is also the source of human power and technology in the world An attempt to guess?

Example Evidence

There is example evidence in the world that dangerous things used as biological weapons. In many wars by the two opposing armies to gain the upper hand over each other. To capture and defeat their opponents. Is there a biological attack of the same type by space creatures. However, there was talk of monoliths (metal pillars) appearing in various places. That is a mystery and is also being linked to space creatures.

No theory can be proved invalid until it is refuted. Photographer Rose Bernard’s statement about the metal pillar may be correct. It may be just a prank to scare people. But then a question comes to mind whether the appearance of the metal pillar in the deserts of California and Utha. If it is a prank, then how will the metal pillar appearing in the European country Romania be viewed.

Some Possibilities about Strange Monoliths (Metal Pillars)

It is also possible that this metal pillar was also sent by other creatures to spy on man. Are you If this is not entirely acceptable? Then there is still a certain percentage of possibilities, given Stephen Hawking’s fears that other creatures may be superior to humans in technology and intelligence. And that these metal pillars. They can also be a part of technology. Remember that the confirmation of Rose Bernard’s statement and her witnesses are her own friends or she herself and her statement cannot be denied. However, the appearance and then disappearance of these monolithic metal pillars Mystery is being said and it is a research challenge for experts.


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