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Zong is the largest 4G network in Pakistan. Today we will provide you information about Zong mifi or wifi Zong4G Bolt+ devices. Zong4G Bolt+ devices are battery worked 4G devices of Zong. Zong currently has two types of wifi devices. One is made by Huawei and the other is made by Fiber Home. Their price and package are also the same. We will give you the details about 4G Bolt. Zong Bolt is for those people who mostly travel. Yes, you need internet in different places. So these devices are best for you. With Zong 4G you can easily get a great internet. Zong 4G Bolt+ Devices details are given below with packages.

Details About WiFi Devices

There are two types of wifi devices available .

Huawei Device

Fiber Home Device

The details and performance about these Devices given below

Huawei DeviceFiber Home Device
Huawei Zong4G Bolt+ design is very simple and beautiful.
There are two indicators LED light on it.
One LED indicates Network and the other LED shows Battery.
LED light is so weak so you can not see in sunlight.
There is no WiFi protected button on it.
Its battery capacity is 1500mAh. Battery charge life is 6hours. It supports 10 WiFi connections.
Fiber Home Zong4G Bolt+ design is not beautiful as compare to Huawei Zong4G Bolt+ but better in performance.
There are 4 LED indicators lights on it. These indicators lights shows networks, battery,WiFi and messages status.
These LED are bright so you can see in Sun light.
There is a WiFi protected button on it.
Its battery capacity is 2100mAh. Battery life is 8hours.
It also supports 10 WiFi connections.

Zong4G Bolt+ Devices Speed Test

Both devices have different speeds in same area. But the signals strength of Home Fiber Zong4G Bolt+ device is stronger then Huawei Zong4G Bolt+. Speed of zong 4G is enough for browse data, streaming and downloading.

Zong4G Bolt+ Packages or Bundles Details

These WiFi devices available in market with 1 moth, 3 month, 6 moth, and 12 months bundles. 4G Bolt plus device price is 3300/-PKR.

Zong 4G Bolt+ Monthly Bundle

Zong Wi-Fi devices monthly packages 2021 are given below.

BundleBundle PriceValidity
60GB Monthly 2000/-PKR1 Month
150GB(inc. 75GB 4AM to 4PM)2500/-PKR1 Month
200GB(inc. 100GB 4AM to 4PM)3250/-PKR1 Month

Zong 4G Bolt+ 3 Months Bundle

BundleBundle PriceValidity
60GB per Month5500/-PKR3 Months

Zong 4G Bolt+ 6 Months Bundle

bundleBundle PriceValidity
100GB(inc. 25GB 4AM to 4PM12000/- PKR6 Months

Zong 4G Bolt+ 12 Months Bundle

BundleBundle PriceValidity
100GB(inc. 25GB 4AM to 4PM22000/- PKR12 Months


BundleBundle PriceValidity
5GB450/- PKR5GB validity as per base bundle.
Monthly Night time ADD- ON230/-PKR1GB data daily 1AM to 9AM as per base Bundle

Zong Internet Packages 3G 4G – Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2021

Zong Internet Settings 3G/4G and MMS setting

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