Press Conference Of DG ISPR About Situation In The Region And The Achievements

Press Conference Of DG ISPR About Situation In The Region And The Achievements
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Press Conference Of DG ISPR About Situation In The Region And The Achievements 05/01/2022

DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar held a press conference today. He said that the purpose of this press conference was to inform about the changing situation in the region and the achievements in the operation carried out under Operation Redalfsad.

Eastern Border Situation

Briefing about the Eastern Border, the DG ISPR said that last year in 2021, after the cooperation between Pak-India DGMOs, there was peace on the LOC. And the conditions of the population around the LOC have improved. In order to divert attention from Indian-occupied Kashmir, there has also been vultures and false propaganda by the Indian civil and military leadership. He said that the steps being taken by India would have a negative impact on the region and turned the situation in Kashmir into a human tragedy. On January 5, 1949, the right to self-determination was promised by the international community.

Situation On The Western Border

Briefing about the western border, the DG ISPR said that a very challenging situation has been faced on the western border in 2021. He further said that in view of the severe weather, the fencing work has been completed on Pak Afghan Border and 95% of the work has been completed. While 75% work on Pak-Iran border has been completed. He said that we are fully focused and this work will be completed. This work involves the blood of our martyrs. Explaining further about the fence, he said that the purpose of the fence is not to divide the people but to make the people safe. Besides, he said that the people on both sides of the fence. Fence security is essential for transportation and trade, while the leadership of the two countries are in agreement to resolve issues.

Operation Redalfsad

Describing Operation Redalfsad, the DG ISPR said that it was a very different operation. In this operation, terrorist organizations and their networks were eliminated. Security forces and intelligence agencies conducted 60,000 operations. The agencies issued 890 reversals, which prevented a 70% attack.

Purchase of J10C Aircraft From China

The DG ISPR said that Major agreements were signed between China and Pakistan Air Force. Agreements are being reached between the two countries to make the country’s airspace invincible.

National Action Plan

Elaborating on the National Action Plan, the DG ISPR said that operations were also carried out against 78 terrorist organizations. He said that no armed group would be allowed to use force in the country. Praising the role of media and Islamic Scholars, the DG ISPR said that the role played by Islamic Scholars and media in committing terrorists was commendable.

About Banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan

Responding to a question, the DG ISPR said that those who have resorted to force and force against the country and the army would be dealt with with full force.

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